What to Expect in a Psychic Reading

If you have scheduled a reading with me, you don't need to read this page. However, the information here can be helpful if it is your first time.

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When I listen to your channelings, I am blown away. They seem to open up my heart center. [Your channelings are] a modern version of the ancient Incan whistling vessels explored by Daniel K. Statenkov.”—James J.


"The best reading I had was yours. You have access to so much more information then regular psychics have. Just using Tarot cards seems a bit limited in comparison. I was really impressed with your power, ethics, understanding and kindness." —Genevieve


“You were dead on with what you told me.”

“Remember that reading you gave me five years ago? After that reading, two physical issues I had went away and never came back.” —C.J.


“I'm still amazed at how my body has reacted positively to that [spiritual] healing from you back in May. It was slow to show up but it seems to be a steady improvement! I'm truly impressed!”

I always feel so safe and comfortable with you.

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What to Expect in a Psychic Reading

When I give a psychic reading, I do the following. Which of these I do in any given reading depends on what you want and how much time we have.

  1. Before a reading starts, I ask that your guides and guardians be present, and that only beings with the highest purpose be present.
  2. At the start, I ask if you want the reading. This is to get permission in the moment.
  3. Then I tune into you psychically and also ask my spirit contacts for information on you. (Sometimes, I start doing this before the reading officially starts.) I also often clear your energy by running my hands through your energetic field remotely. I mention any issues I “see” and give any initial information from the spirits who are present.
  4. You ask your questions so we can address the issues you are most concerned about. (It can be helpful to write down your questions before the reading. General rule of thumb: allow ten to fifteen minutes per question.) As your reading progresses, my connection deepens, so later in the reading I might get more precise or specific information.
  5. At some point, and it can come at any time, I may address other lifetimes that you are living, lifetimes that are relevant to the current one. It is at this point that I very often feel shifts in your energy as you make life-altering decisions at a level that affects multiple lifetimes.

    I don’t always address other lifetimes; it depends on many factors, including how much energetic and spiritual work we’ve already done in the reading. It also depends on how long the reading was scheduled to be. Shorter readings normally address issues that are more “everyday”; longer readings tend to address the big stuff.
  6. Sometimes, I do remote energy work on you using a combination of my Reiki training and my training from Metatron, who is a master of spiritual healing.
  7. On very rare occasions, I might do a guided visualization as directed by my spirit contacts. These guided visualizations are always unique; in all my years of public and private channelings and readings, my spirit contacts have never repeated themselves. The guided visualization is a gentle spiritual/energetic healing process that digs very deeply into your soul and brings forth healthy new growth.
  8. If you wish, I will record the reading and upload the files through a very secure server. The audio recording is a courtesy and is not an official part of the reading; I say this because sometimes the recording just doesn't work, so I can't promise it. If you want to make absolutely sure you get a recording, please make arrangements to record the session on your end.

    If I prepare audio files for your sessions, after you confirm that you have received the files, I erase the recordings I made out of respect for your privacy. That means you have the one and only recording of the session.
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